106th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Estonia

After regaining independence, Estonia chose never to be alone again. This decision allows us to celebrate the 20th anniversary of membership of the European Union and NATO this year.

We have built a country based on freedom both within our country and internationally. We know that freedom is a value that deserves to be protected. We will do everything to support Ukraine in defending its freedom. We will not leave Ukraine alone! Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is not only a matter of Ukraine’s security, the basic principles of the international order are at stake.

In Portugal, we celebrated the 106th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia with a festive concert-reception at the historic Antigo Picadeiro Real in Lisbon. On behalf of the embassy, I thank everyone who came to celebrate Estonia’s birthday with us! Special thanks and a bow to our pianist Sten Heinoja. Thank you for making wonderful Estonian music sound so beautifully on the other side of Europe!

Happy 106th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia to all of us, in Estonia and beyond.

Photos ©Alípio Padilha